The Founder’s Story

Jenny was not one of those people who was born having all the answers. Not many of us do. As a teenager, a series of tragedies occurred which led her on a journey to seek answers to the age-old question “Why am I here?”

Although she still doesn’t have all the answers, she has embarked on a journey of self-discovery. Determined to make sense of the world, what makes people tick and the interactive relationships between people, happenstance led her to the unearthing of personality profiling tools.

Since discovering the power of understanding self and others more intimately, her life has changed on a personal and professional level. After implementing the strategies suggested through extensive training, she realised the power of understanding people’s personality types and how she could help so many others utilise this knowledge.

Seeing significant changes in individuals she assisted, Jenny started Lifeworx with the vision of taking these concepts to a larger audience. Lifeworx assists individuals and businesses to maximise their strengths and the way they communicate with others to achieve powerful personal and professional results.  

Jenny is the winner of several awards including National Highly Commended Practitioner of the Year (2016), State Life/Career Coach Eduprenuer of the Year (2015), State Goldfields Home-based Business Award (2012), National Career Practitioner of the Year (2007).

Jenny has also recently written and self-published a resource guide for anyone working with young people. “Personalities in the Classroom” is a practical guide to working with young people and helping them understand themselves and others more effectively through their personality type.