Personality Dimensions®

The Building Blocks of Personality Dimensions® is a quick, fun and effective way to engage with and understand your team. In a three to four-hour timeframe, you will learn about your team members, including what makes them upset, what motivates them and inspires them, and their preferred ways of communicating. This is all achieved in an interactive and open environment, using hands on activities, individual reflections, small group and whole of group activities.

Through Personality Dimensions® individuals and teams will gain a greater insight into their values, communication styles and workplace preferences, leading to higher productivity and performance.

This is THE most popular, easy to incorporate workshop there is! 

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What Others Are Saying

“We were looking for an innovative training session to bring our team together.

We found that Jenny’s Personality Dimensions training sessions achieved more than we imagined.

It enabled us to look and reflect on our personal and professional skill in a non-threatening environment.”

Manager, Goldfields Child Care Centre

“The session was very popular with more staff than we registered turning up!

Based on the overwhelming positive feedback we invited Jenny back for another workshop.”

Manager, Employability and Career Development Services, University of Western Australia

“Personality Dimensions was one of the best courses I have ever attended. I will recommend you to all staff!”

Leading Hand, Alacer Gold

“Personality Dimensions was one of the best courses I have ever attended. I will recommend you to all staff!”

Leading Hand, Alacer Gold

“Our organisation was going through tremendous growth and reinvigoration. I requested a workshop for the Centre Team of 12 people.

We thoroughly enjoyed Jenny’s professionalism and gained insight into the 4 different personality types, how to enhance the cohesion of the existing team members to develop them further and work effectively in a changing environment.”

Manager, Goldfields Women’s Health Care Centre

“Having team members understand themselves and their colleagues more deeply has been very beneficial to the harmony of our departments.

The colour profiling was so embraced that a follow-up session focusing on team building and conflict resolution was attended later.

Thanks Jenny for sharing your knowledge in such a fun and engaging way, providing group learning and individual insight.”

Manager, Community Service, City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder

But wait there's more!

Many clients ask me ‘What’s next?’ when the half day workshop is coming to an end. Well, there is a lot more to Personality Dimensions than just the initial Building Blocks. Lifeworx can tailor additional workshops to your needs or you can take your team through a series of more in-depth workshops that revolve around each area of the initial workshop. Once you have taken your team through the Building Blocks of Personality Dimensions, the following workshops are available to you and your team:

In Communications Workshop

This workshop focuses on how the different personality types like to communicate. A popular workshop with organisations as it provides a safe environment to discuss what individuals need to perform at their best.

In Conflict Workshop

Using Personality Dimensions to look at what causes conflict is a fantastic way to have difficult conversations as it removes the focus on individuals within the team and looks at the traits of the personality type instead. This makes discussions easier as there is less blaming and finger pointing, allowing for open and honest communication. This is a very popular follow up workshop. 

Life Values Workshop

This workshop allows the individuals within your team to undertake an in-depth analysis of what is important to them and allows them the opportunity to share these insights with their team. Why is this so important? If we know what values are essential to our team members then we can ensure these values are being met. This makes the individual feel safe and listened to and increases engagement and output.  

At Work Workshop

This workshop focuses on what is important to your team members in a work environment.  Do they need space to perform, pressure, time, a team environment, discussions? Every single colleague will have different needs to perform at their best. This workshop helps your team to determine their strengths and help each other to achieve their best.

In Relationships Workshop

This workshop allows individuals to privately reflect on the relationships they have outside of the office and how these may affect their work performance.  Although the old adage is to ‘leave your problems at home’, we all know that what is happening in our private lives affects our working lives. This workshop provides work colleagues to learn ways to support each other when life may be throwing curve balls.