LIFEWORX4ME™ is a suite of workshops specifically designed for young people. The interactive nature of the workshops provides them with insight into how they to like to communicate, learn and work, as well as gain a greater awareness of and appreciation for how others think and behave.

These workshops can be used to leverage leadership development, team building, learning resilience, career development and relationship building.

The LIFEWORX4ME™ workshops are based on viewing images, listening to scenarios and numbering preferences on a SCORE CARD that they take home with them. The young people are constantly moving around and interacting with each other but also get time to self-reflect and consider how they can utilise their news skills in their world. By the end of these workshops the young people have gained a greater understanding of themselves and others, and take the results away with them so friends, family and teachers are able to read and learn about the preferences of the young person.

LIFEWORX4ME™ is about preferences not labels. It is about similarities and differences and learning about both. It is about improving interpersonal communication and enhancing self-esteem.

LIFEWORX4ME™ is based on Carl Jung’s theory of personality as well as other psychometrically validated tools including MBTI®, DiSC®, and Personality Dimensions®.

LIFEWORX4ME™ can also be conducted one-on-one.

The benefits to young people include:

  • validation of core values and strengths
  • assists them to appreciate differences in others
  • understand individual learning preferences
  • leadership styles
  • varied approaches to team work, problem solving, and communication

The benefits to teachers, youth workers, and parents include:

  • understanding the young persons’ preferred communication style
  • understand the young persons’ learning style to plan more effective interactions
  • mediating young people’s disagreements
  • assist young people take ownership over their personal development and learning goals

'Personalities in the Classroom'

A practical guide to working with young people and helping them understand themselves and others more effectively.

Written by Jenny Gleeson

How does it work?

There are five workshops with a bonus workshop and all of the workshops consist of independent reflection as well as small group and large group discussions and activities. Each workshop can be tailored to suit your classroom or time requirements, though the average workshop goes for approximately 45 minutes to an hour.




An introduction to personality preferences and how to make your personality work for you!

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Identify what causes you conflict and learn techniques to overcome upsets.

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Learn study preferences and techniques suited to your type.

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Explore careers of interest through your personality preference.

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Learn more effective ways to communicate with those who may be different to you.

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Understanding, accepting and appreciating people in your life.

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Who is it for?

These workshops are best suited to young people in Year 10 – 12 though they can be adapted to suit younger year groups and those who have left school. Leadership groups, such as The Student Counsellor Leadership Team at Kambalda West District High School, which consist of young people in Years 6 – 10 have undergone all of the workshops, and the workshops have also been run during school holiday programs.

Who has gone through the workshops?

What do others say?

It gave me inspirational advice for the future and helped me know my personality – young participant – Parkerville Children and Youth Care Inc – Seen & Heard Program

I really enjoyed exploring how I interact compared to how my friends might act in different situationsFuture Footprints

There are heaps of opportunities I hadn’t considered beforeMargaret River Secondary College

I enjoyed how hands on and interactive it was - Parkerville Children and Youth Care Inc – Seen & Heard Program

It was well explained and so much better than regular schoolMargaret River Secondary College

I really enjoyed finding out what type of person I am and how the type of person I am works in this worldFuture Footprints

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