LIFEWORX4ME™ - Become a Certified Licensed Facilitator


A ‘done for you’ training program in a box that will impact the next generation!

Are you a teacher or youth professional? Become a certified, licensed LIFEWORX4ME™ Facilitator and gain access to workshops
 that you can deliver in GROUPS or ONE to ONE straight away.

The history of LIFEWORX4ME™

In 2013, the Founder and Director of Lifeworx (Career Development), Jenny Gleeson, created the LIFEWORX4ME™ series of workshops in consultation with young people, youth workers, those working in educational institutions, and career development practitioners. The main objective of the LIFEWORX4ME™ series of workshops, is to assist young people navigate their way through the opportunities and challenges they may face throughout their lives. These workshops focus on relationships, career choices, and building resilience, and can be used to leverage leadership development.

How does LIFEWORX4ME™ work?

LIFEWORX4ME™ is based on Carl Jung’s theory of personality as well as other psychometrically validated tools including MBTI®, DISC®, and Personality Dimensions®. The LIFEWORX4ME™ preference workshops give young people insight into how they to like to communicate, learn and work, as well as gain greater awareness of, and appreciation for, how others think and behave. These workshops can be used to leverage leadership development, team building, learning resilience, career development and relationship building.

By utilising these workshops, friends, family and teachers can understand the learning preferences of the young person.  Insight into individual styles helps facilitated targeted learning. The methods in which individuals perceive concepts, lead their lives, and learn, are related to their preference and style, so adults can use this tool to better understand their young person's strengths, stresses and motivators.

LIFEWORX4ME™ is about preferences not labels. It is about similarities and differences and learning about both. It is about improving interpersonal communication and enhancing self-esteem. 

About the Creator

Jenny Gleeson is a qualified Secondary English Teacher and Career Consultant, and holds certification in PRINT®, Myers Briggs Type Indicators®, Personality Dimensions®, DISC®, Motivators Accreditation, and is also a Certified Professional Emotional Quotient Analyst. She has utilised these accreditations to create LIFEWORX4ME™, which is essentially a personality and behavioural based tool. During her years of teaching and career advising, Jenny noticed a lack of easily accessible and easy to use tools for young people that take into consideration personality preferences. From this conceptualising and planning LIFEWORX4ME™ came into fruition.  

Given the success of the series, a number of career coaching consultancies, youth organisations, schools and educational institutions indicated their interest in having the series available for their young people. Appreciating this, Jenny Gleeson designed the LIFEWORX4ME™ certified licensed program for those already working with young people.  This program and series of workshops, has been developed in order to provide permission for individuals working with or for these organisations to use the LIFEWORX4ME™ series, offering young people an opportunity to participate, whilst at the time recognising the ownership of the program, maintaining program quality and protecting the program from unauthorised duplication, replication or copyright.

LIFEWORX4ME™ has been mapped against the Australian Blueprint of Career Development

Who is this for?

If you work in the career development, education and training, youth space or community sector and would like to implement the LIFEWORX4ME™ series in your school or youth organisation, then the certified, licensed LIFEWORX4ME™ Facilitator training is for you.

What are the benefits of becoming a Certified Licensee of LIFEWORX4ME™?

  • Confidently step into or grow your youth coaching practice
  • Save years in developing your own life, career and school performance coaching tools, materials and plans
  • Recoup your one-off investment quickly 
  • Benefit from LIFEWORX4ME™ branding and proven results with young people
  • Easily leverage LIFEWORX4ME™ into ongoing coaching sessions
  • Networking opportunities with likeminded leaders
  • Be a part of the ongoing improvements to LIFEWORX4ME™ 

How can I become a LIFEWORX4ME™ certified and licensed Facilitator?

Only those people who are currently working with and in the youth industry are eligible to apply to become a certified and licensed LIFEWORX4ME™ facilitator.

There are two certified and licensed LIFEWORX4ME™ facilitator training types to choose from:

LIFEWORX4ME™ 1/2 Day Training

This half-day session will introduce you to the concept of personality preferences and how to use the LIFEWORX4ME™ program to deliver the initial workshop.

  • Participate in activities typically used in a workshop
  • Learn to understanding and appreciate the four preferences
  • Learn the most appropriate prizes, engaging activities and communication styles for each type

Cost $395 inc:

A one-off Training and Licensing Fee plus a yearly renewal fee to remain an active and license leader and receive upgrades applies.

  • Materials required to run the 1/2 workshop
  • Prize suggestions based on personality preferences
  • Free access to Vault for 12 months*
  • One-off training and licensing fee 

LIFEWORX4ME™ Two-day Training

In this two-day training program (group or individual virtual workshops/skype coaching) you will experience and learn how to deliver LIFEWORX4ME™ workshops with confidence and style. You will learn about the historical and practical developments in personality preferences, as well as the importance of each component of a LIFEWORX4ME™ workshop and the ethical considerations for using the model appropriately.

Experiencing both classroom and hands-on, interactive learning you will:

  • Participate in activities typically used in a workshop
  • Learn practical skills and knowledge of learning principles for each personality preference
  • Be introduced to the CAREERSWORX4ME™ workshops and how they link with LIFEWORX4ME™
  • Learn to understanding and appreciate the young persons’ preferred communication style
  • Learn to understanding and appreciate the young persons’ learning style to plan more effective interactions
  • Learn how to mediate young people’s disagreements more effectively
  • Assist young people take ownership over their personal development and learning goals

Participants must successfully complete an open book exam on the second day to gain Certified and Licensed Facilitator status, and should anticipate some homework on the evening of the first day of the program.

Cost $2,000 inc:

A one-off Training and Licensing Fee plus a yearly renewal fee to remain an active and license leader and receive upgrades applies.

The certified facilitators training comes with a tool box full of resources in hard copy and on a thumb drive, including:

  • All of the materials required to run each of the LIFEWORX4ME™ workshops (including: power point presentations, lesson plans, evaluation forms, and handouts)
  • Ice Breakers that can be used to break up the pace of the workshops
  • Prize suggestions based on personality preference
  • Access to The Vault FREE for 12 months
  • Access to The LIFEWORX4ME™ private Facebook page
  • Exclusive invitations to Facilitator events
  • Marketing materials (for schools, for parents, for young people, for youth organisations)
  • A one year license for unlimited use of the six LIFEWORX4ME™ workshops