Ensuring you have your life on track in the world of work and moving your career forward is essential in this day and age.

Lifeworx offers a range of services guaranteed to assist you transition into the next phase of your career with self-assurance and style.


Career Portfolio Management

An increasing number of people build their careers by combining several paid activities at the same time. This offers the opportunity to carry out different kinds of work, use a variety of skills or combine paid and voluntary work. A portfolio career can also give you the flexibility you need to balance work and family responsibilities. I am the Queen of managing this combination - successfully juggling a part-time Business Development role, directing Lifeworx, hostess of AirBnb, Englilsh tutoring, studying a Diploma of Project Management and offering LIFEWORX4ME accredited training. LET ME HELP YOU DO THE SAME!

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Career Coaching and Packages

Urgency Remedy

Have you been made redundant?

Life Changing Remedy

Are you keen to change direction?

Life Coaching

Do you require assistance beyond the world of work?

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Personality Assessment

By understanding your personality type and preference you will gain a deeper, richer and more complete understanding of yourself and others. Understanding your personality type assists with conflict resolution, building and maintaining lasting relationships, career development and workplace motivation.

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