Customised Packages

We will sit down and work out what your business needs to perform at full capacity and for the long haul. With a background in assisting organisations, teams and people reach their full potential, we are able to work out the right combination of workshops, programs and coaching to assistance the organisation, and your valuable people, stay on track and evolve.

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Personality Tools and Assessments

Business success relies on a fully engaged, productive and satisfied workforce. Personality assessment tools and workshops provide a complete understanding of employee's expectations and motivations giving you insight into how your employees prefer to learn, work and interact.  

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Team Development Workshops

These full day or two-day workshops focus on people management, change management, communication skills and career development. These can also be incorporated into the Customised Packages and/or added to any of the Personality Tools and Assessments

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Executive Coaching

Executive coaching provides insightful analysis and supportive guidance to all team members in how to deal effectively with issues faced daily.  Lifeworx coaching offers a fast track to moving beyond individual effectiveness to becoming a role model and leader of exceptional performance. 

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