'Personalities in the Classroom'

A practical guide to working with young people and helping them understand themselves and others more effectively.

Written by Jenny Gleeson

Personality Dimensions

The Building Blocks of Personality Dimensions® is a quick, fun and effective way to engage with and understand your team. In a three to four-hour timeframe you will learn about your team members, including what makes them upset, what motivates them and inspires them, and their preferred ways of communicating. This is all achieved in an interactive and open environment, using hands on activities, individual reflections, small group and whole of group activities. Through Personality Dimensions® individuals and teams will gain a greater insight into their values, communication styles and workplace preferences, leading to higher productivity, and performance. Contact us.

How does it work?

The workshop is designed as a team activity. Unlike many other profiling tools, which are completed alone and then reflected upon as a team, Personality Dimensions explores the tool as a team. It allows for individual reflection, small group reflection and then whole team discussion. A much more effective way to understand yourself and those you work with.

Who is it for?

Jenny prefers to work with not for profit organisations and those working with young people as this is her area of passion. Anyone hoping to implement the LIFEWORX4ME and CAREERSWORX4ME programs would benefit from implementing Personality Dimensions with their team prior to introducing personality profiling concepts to their young people.

What do others say?


Jenny used her Personality Dimensions workshop as part of an overall staff training day. This enabled individuals to categorise themselves through a series of simple games. You would discover if you were a naturally organised person, compassionate, resourceful and more. In discovering this, both you and your colleagues can learn how to work with maximum results in a harmonious environment. I have already recommended Jenny to other organisations and will continue to use her expertise wherever possible.

Jamie Barr


Basketball Ignite Program

City of Armadale 

Our childcare centre was looking for an innovative training session to bring our team together. We found that Jenny's training sessions achieved more than we imagined. It enabled us to look and reflect on our personal and professional skills in a non-threatening environment. Her presentation was fun, informative and exceptionally rewarding for us. The benefits we received was just fantastic and gave us all a better insight into working with others. We would highly recommend Jenny to any other business or community organisation who is needing assistance to develop, extend, motivate and challenge their team.

Leah Cook

Lead Child Care Facilitator 

Child Care Centre, Kalgoorlie

Jenny presented a series of superb workshops to my staff. She was professional, engaging and very articulate. My staff and I found the workshops and the manner in which they were presented to be of the highest standard and extremely beneficial to our team.

Keenan Rodericks


Esperance Education Support Unit

Child Care Centre, Kalgoorlie

UWA Student Services contracted Lifeworx to deliver a Personality Dimensions workshop as a team building exercise. The session was very popular with more staff than registered turning up. Jenny handled the situation calmly and simply invited the additional staff to join in. Based on the overwhelming positive feedback staff feedback we invited Jenny back for a half day workshop.  Through the workshops team members gained a greater understanding of themselves and how they relate to other team members. 

Di McLaren

Manager: Employability and Career Development Services

The University of Western Australia


Jenny Gleeson Personality Dimensions

Want to go deeper with your team? Jenny can conduct extended workshops utilising Personality Dimensions:

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Jenny is also proud to announce Campion Education and the Career Development Association of Australia as distributors.