Executive Coaching

Executive coaching provides insightful analysis and supportive guidance to all team members in how to deal effectively with issues faced daily.  Lifeworx coaching offers a fast track to moving beyond individual effectiveness to becoming a role model and leader of exceptional performance.  Our coaching comes in packages of three sessions, six sessions, nine sessions or tailored sessions depending on your needs.


Career Portfolio Management

An increasing number of people build their careers by combining several paid activities at the same time. This is called a “Career Portfolio” and offers individuals the opportunity to carry out different kinds of work, use a variety of skills or combine paid and voluntary work. A career portfolio can also give you the flexibility you need to balance work and family responsibilities. I am the Queen of managing this combination - successfully juggling a part-time role with The Department of Education working with high end youth at risk, directing Lifeworx, hostess of AirBnB, English tutoring, writing and self-publishing books and offering LIFEWORX4ME accredited training. LET ME HELP YOU DO THE SAME!

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What are the benefits?

Coaching is about encouraging learning, not compliance and imitation. It is about achieving performance improvement and results that align to the organisation’s strategy and culture as well as supporting individuals and teams analyse and implement their own solutions. Coaching trains individuals to believe in their own success, sharpen their focus and make radical shifts to achieve extraordinary results.

Who is it for?

Our Executive packages provide coaching for individuals to facilitate transformation and accelerate development. Lifeworx coaching solutions is tailored to the individual’s situation and needs. Our coaching packages include transition coaching and career coaching.

What does it include?

Transition Coaching – we work with leaders who are new to a role, geography, organisation or all three.

Career Coaching – successful organisations ensure talented individuals travel on a long and engaged journey within the organisation. We assist individuals discover professional development opportunities that will enhance their career.

How does it work?

Coaching utilises a range of diagnostic tools to raise self-awareness for actions and change. Receiving an appraisal of yourself in the workplace environment through feedback can lead to real and lasting change. Lifeworx coaches are accredited in a wide range of diagnostic tools carefully selected to suit the needs of the individual being coached. Coaching is a critical component to ensure individuals deploy their newfound self-awareness.

How much does it cost and how do I pay?

Contact us for your free 30-minute consultation to discuss your needs and we can help tailor a package specifically to your requirements.