Jenny is commonly known as " The Career Portfolio Queen" due to her ability to juggle multiple roles as well as being the Director of Lifeworx. 

I refuse to ever be bored! I can be found on various State and local committees, studying (at the moment I am completing a Diploma of Project Management - phew!), running Lifeworx, tutoring English, hosting an AirBnB, dabbling in BitCoin, helping people get organised in my Professional Organiser capacity (certification gained through Creating Order From Chaos) and occasionally waitressing. There is always something to do!

But this page is about Lifeworx and assisting individuals as well as organisations understand self and others more intimately, to gain long term results. I am happy to work one on one with individuals to assist them grow their own 'Career Portfolio' (which is becoming more and more important in this ever changing world), or work with organisations to make sure their people and their paperwork are performing at their best!

I offer three service areas:


Lifeworx for Youth focuses on the journey of self-discovery, helping young people realise that there is nothing wrong with them whilst giving them the tools to navigate the world around them.  I have also created a series of workshops for teens called LIFEWORX4ME and am always looking for facilitators of this ever popular tool

Lifeworx for You focuses on assisting individuals with creating and maintaining their very own career portfolio, communication skills, relationship building, career direction and expectations of self and others. Knowledge of the differing personality types helps individuals with conflict management and change management, making life significantly easier.

Lifeworx for Business helps create a work environment that is more conducive to productivity, strengthens teams, reduces conflict and builds leaders.

Contact Us to find out how Jenny and Lifeworx can make your life work for you! 


  • 2016 Highly Commended Career Practitioner of the Year CDAA
  • 2015 National Edupreneur Award winner for Life Coaching
  • 2012 Home-based Award Winner for the Goldfields
  • 2007 National Miles Morgan Award winner for Career Development